I want to share some points of view about a topic that I am absolutely passionate about. I hope this post helps you better understand what the state of play is and then encourages you to get more actively involved in helping me fix things…
    • 22nd Oct 2018
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    Whenever I speak about education at a conference or company event, the one question I am asked more than any other is how the kids of today can be better prepared for the future of tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about a definitive answer for quite some time and finally decided to share some of my thoughts with you.
    • 20th Jun 2018
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    While scrolling through Twitter yesterday, I saw this incredible thread from Naval Ravikant (@naval) and had to share it with all of you. For those of you who don’t know Naval, he is an absolute maverick thinker. Do yourself a favour and take in every bit of advice he’s about to offer.
    • 2nd Jun 2018
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