Suits & Sneakers: RISE 2020 (How to be HAPPY)

    There is a special and renewed energy that accompanies the start of a new year and we want to make sure that 2020 is your best yet!

    With this in mind, we would like to invite you to join Mark Sham as he presents his thoughts around the ultimate human topic of HAPPINESS! We go to school for 12 years and we learn many things but we aren’t definitively taught what happiness looks like. We would like to change that by hosting this event!

    After this talk, Mark will then be interviewing two of his favourite humans in the form of Brent Lindeque and Catherine Constantinides to understand the journeys they have been on and why it’s so important to be come an active citizen (one of the most important ingredients of happiness).

    On the night, these are some of the topics Mark will discuss:

    • Why talk about happiness in the first place?
    • The subjective nature of happiness
    • Empathy is a super power
    • How to stop caring what others think of us
    • The role that money plays in our pursuit of happiness
    • IKIGAI (a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being”)
    • The role that gratitude plays in our pursuit of happiness
    • The role that giving plays in our pursuit of happiness
    Mark Sham
    Speaker, Author, Storyteller
    Mark is the founder and CEO of Suits & Sneakers. He is also a speaker and author who presents his ideas around the world!

    Generally, we ask people to arrive at 18:00 for our evening events so they can register and then network with other guests before we kick things off at 18:30. Drinks and snacks are provided by WeWork!

    Author and speaker, Erik Kruger, is our MC for the evening and will be welcoming everyone to the event and introducing our speakers for the evening!

    200 FREE tickets thanks to QuickBooks, WeWork, Smile Club, and Naked Insurance
    With this ticket, I choose to support Christel House in the Western Cape
    R130 (SOLD OUT)
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