John Vlismas: What Makes Us Human?

    John John Vlismas at the next Suits & Sneakers event on 26 February 2020 in Johannesburg as he presents his new keynote called: Apex – What Makes us Human?

    According to John Vlismas, humans have almost limitless capacity for ideas, and we can translate those ideas into reality, shaping our world with the thoughts we turn into stories. Apex explains how powerful our stories are, and asks the audience to consider if the one’s they believe are true? Apex takes the audience right to the source of the latest data, so that the audience can reset their own versions of the truth. Where once, humans were victim to circumstances, we learned to adapt and survive, then we adapted the world around us and we thrived. What shaped us into the most successful organism of all time, and how is it possible that all of our greatest successes may drive us ultimately us to catastrophic failure?

    Apex is a 60 minute roller-coaster ride designed to bring you up to speed on where we are as a life’s leading life form. With loads of research slotted in between hilarious material and profound insights, this talk will have you gobsmacked to find out that deep learning can occur while belly-laughing. John will be covering topics such as:

    • The building of false bias against others
    • How Democracy is an excellent sleight of hand
    • How money really works

    This show is a brilliant way to entertain and enlighten you and your friends. It also shows clearly how preconceived ideas can limit our ability to see the current situation as it is, rather than as we think it should be.

    Mark Sham
    Speaker, Author, Storyteller
    Mark is the founder and CEO of Suits & Sneakers. He is also a speaker and author who presents his ideas around the world!
    John Vlismas
    Speaker, Comedian, Storyteller
    John is the founder and CEO of OGO Productions. He is a speaker, comedian, and storyteller.

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