Erik Kruger: How to Build Teams in 2020

    Join us for the first Suits & Sneakers breakfast session of 2020 featuring the incredibly talented Erik Kruger who will be speaking about “How to Build Teams in 2020!”

    If you want to unlock true competitive advantage within your business, then you need to obsess about the development of your teams. Great teams accomplish great dreams. However, great teams do not form organically. In fact, teamwork can feel quite foreign to many people. Therefore, it is imperative that you devote attention to the intentional development of your team and not just the individual contributors within a team.

    Why are teams the ultimate competitive advantage? Because of a team’s ability to navigate the complex and emerge victorious. The world we live in is filled with complexity. If you don’t harness the strength, creativity, mental toughness, and productivity of your team then you will be outflanked and outgunned by those who do.

    Join Suits & Sneakers alongside Erik Kruger and learn what is required to build a high-performing team in 2020 that outclasses the teams that still think of team building as a once a year outing.

    Mark Sham
    Speaker, Author, Storyteller
    Mark is the founder and CEO of Suits & Sneakers. He is also a speaker and author who presents his ideas around the world!
    Erik Kruger
    Founder & CEO
    Erik is the founder and CEO of Mental Lab Performance. He is a speaker, coach, and author.

    We ask all delegate to arrive at least 30min before this breakfast event starts so that they can register and be seated by the time breakfast is served at 07:00.

    Founder and CEO, Mark Sham, will welcome to the audience and set the scene of the breakfast!

    A scrumptious breakfast will be served to you by the wonderful team from Bryanston Country Club!

    Erik Kruger presents his keynote: New Rules for Teams in 2020

    Mark Sham closes off the morning and we all say goodbye!

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