1-Day Social Media Workshop with Mark Sham

    This workshop is largely aimed at businesses who want to utilise social media correctly and get real results. This workshop also offers a greater understanding of where digital marketing is moving toward and how social media fits into that picture. 

    As businesses incorporate social media on a wider scale, the trick is to be sure the time and resources spent on social media will pay off. Join Mark Sham as he gives you his no-nonsense view on how to do just that.

    This course is for beginner and expert. This workshop will help you understand how to increase brand awareness, engage better with customers and grow sales but most importantly, it will help you create a sustainable social media content strategy that won’t fade away in a few months.

    Mark Sham
    Speaker, Author, Storyteller
    Mark is the founder and CEO of Suits & Sneakers. He is also a speaker and author who presents his ideas around the world!

    We ask all delegate to arrive at least 30min before the event starts so that they can register and also enjoy some light refreshments before we start the workshop.

    Each delegate introduces themselves to the rest of the class and then Mark gives a bit of context as to how this workshop came about!

    * The evolution of marketing/advertising
    * How the world is changing due to digitisation
    * The impact of digitisation on communication
    * Analysis of why companies are getting social media so wrong

    Time for drinks and snacks!

    * How technology has changed the way people consume information
    * Traditional media vs digital
    * The FIVE golden rules of social media
    * Deep dive into social media algorithms and how it impacts businesses
    * Local case studies of different brands

    Time to take a break, re-fuel, and get to know one another around the lunch table!

    * How company DNA impacts its marketing ability
    * Blogs
    * Vlogs
    * Facebook
    * LinkedIn
    * Twitter
    * Instagram
    * YouTube

    Time for drinks and snacks!

    Actual practice session where you create mock content

    Recap of the day and then we focus on where to from here!

    Cost per Delegate
    R2995 ex. VAT
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