What a ride it's been!

    My name is Mark Sham and I am the founder and CEO of Suits & Sneakers. As it so often happens with something that is so close to your heart, I battle to sum this passion of mine up in just a few sentences. Ultimately, Suits & Sneakers is my attempt to contribute toward society and help people become better versions of themselves. I know that can sound a bit airy-fairy but that’s the heart of this organisation.

    When I started Suits & Sneakers in 2015, I wanted to show the world that the nature of learning and education was shifting. My goal back then was to help the average person see that thanks to the internet, you can learn almost anything, at any time, at virtually no cost. I call this informal education and I believe it is as important as formal education. In fact, I believe these two forms of education have to live side-by-side (which is where the name Suits & Sneakers comes from.

    Suits & Sneakers has become well-known because of the events we have hosted over the last few years. My idea was to use these events to show people directly how learning has changed instead of speaking or writing about it. To this day, we pick any topic or theme we think more people should know about and then we create an event around it. As you can imagine, the themes range vastly across the board because there is so much to learn about this world. I knew these events would do well because I am an avid TED talks fan and I loved their “ideas worth sharing” model.

    Since 2015, we have hosted hundreds of events in many cities all over the world and had thousands of people attend our events. Sometimes we host small invite-only events for 20 or 30 people and other times, we host events for 3,500 in one go. We love events because there’s something so powerful about people coming together to learn and connect in a community setting.

    But these days, Suits & Sneakers has expanded significantly beyond just hosting events. Over the last few years, we have developed our own online university where we curate the best content on the internet and offer access to the masses at no cost! We have also built a corporate learning management system called Synrgise and our goal with this system is to help companies re-imagine the learning journey in the work place.

    Lastly, one of the most important functions of Suits & Sneakers is to help a school called Christel House offer free education to the poorest kids in South Africa at no cost! Most of the revenue that we generate from our events goes toward Christel House because we believe that education is the key to helping people add to economies around the world in meaningful ways.

    Suits & Sneakers has certainly come a long way from the early days in 2015 and I’m really proud of the evolution of this organisation but I honestly believe we’re just getting started. That’s why this “About” page was one of the hardest things to write and I can only wonder with excitement what the rest of our journey looks like in the future. Please read our blog section to get a better idea of who we are, what we do, and the guiding philosophies we aim to utilise to solve some of the world’s greatest problems!

    Memories since 2015!
    Whenever we have a gap, we run an event!