Mike Sharman

Mike Sharman
  • Author & Speaker
  • Company: Retroviral

Co-founder of Retroviral, an award winning digital communications agency that creates online word of mouth for brands using bespoke strategy, social media, and web tactics. He is also co-founder of Webfluential – a platform that establishes relationships between consumers and brands through influencers. Mike was named one of the Mail & Guardian’s top 200 young (under 35) South Africans in 2013.

Mike is an incredible talent. As a speaker, he is very knowledgable and experienced, really funny and super energetic. If you’ve ever seen him speak live, you will know what we’re talking about. He has also proved her entrepreneurial worth having co-founded Retroviral from scratch and scaled it up to one of the most respected digital agencies in SA. And finally, Mike is recently an author. The bottomline is that his opinion is worth listening to and you will be the better for having heard what he has to say!

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