Mark Sham

Mark Sham
  • Entrepreneur & Speaker
  • Company: Suits & Sneakers

Mark Sham is the founder and CEO of Suits & Sneakers and also the Impello coworking space which is a Suits & Sneakers initiative. Mark is a true entrepreneur who has started every business under the sun. These days he prefers to focus on the Suits & Sneakers ecosystem exclusively. He also speaks around the country on topics like digital marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Although Mark has been speaking for quite some time, he generally tries to use the Suits & Sneakers platform to showcase other speakers. Over the last while, he has been asked to speak more and more at his own events by the people who attend.

Mark is very good at taking broad based thinking and synthesising it all into a format that everyone can understand. He speaks with a ferocious energy and passion which he thinks is the reason that people asked to see him speak more.

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