John Sanei

John Sanei
  • Entrepreneur & Global Speaker

John Sanei is an entrepreneur and global public speaker who focuses on the contextualisation of trends that have a direct impact on how executives and business owners innovate at every touch point of their organisations – focusing on the future of industries, consumers and employees.

John Sanei has been indirectly involved in Suits & Sneakers from the very beginning. Mark Sham met John as he was about to hist the first ever Suits & Sneakers Main Event in 2015 and John has been providing strategic insight toward the cause ever since. In fact, Mark has said many times that Suits & Sneakers would not have grown at such a rapid pace if it weren’t for John Sanei.

John is a great listener which enables him to be a great thinker and strategist. John has spoken at many different Suits & Sneakers events in the last two years and the crowd always votes with their feet by asking him to come back. Real Life MBA will be no different!

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