Latest list of speakers at Real Life MBA Written by Mark Sham on 26th March 2017

We have been working on this new event and format for quite some time and we are really excited to finally be able to share all the good news with everyone!

The Real Life MBA officially takes place on Friday, 26 May at the Sandton Convention Centre. The night before, Suits & Sneakers will host its 5th edition of the Main Event. So as the organisers of both events, we actually see them as one event more than anything.

The Main Event has always been about sharing the idea that quality education should be free. The Real Life MBA is about giving businesses a brand new way to educate and upskill their staff. The idea is that we have a total of 24 speakers at the Real Life MBA but you can’t watch all of them. So far we have 14 of 24 speakers confirmed:

* Michael Jordaan (former CEO of FNB)
* Zapiro (South African cartoonist)
* IN-Q (National Poetry Slam Champion & multi-platinum winning songwriter from USA)
* Rich Mulholland (global speaker & CEO of Missing Link)
* John Sanei (global speaker & renowned strategist)
* Mark Sham (founder & CEO of Suits & Sneakers)
* Mike Stopforth (founder & CEO of Cerebra)
* Graeme Codrington (futurist, strategist & author)
* Allon Raiz (founder & CEO of Raizcorp)
* Mark Keating (founder & CEO of SalesGuru)
* Brad Shorkend (global speaker & renowned strategist)
* Nicholas Haralambous (founder & CEO of
* Toby Shapshak (editor-in-chief & publisher of Stuff Magazine)
* Lauren Woolf (former Marketing Director of Ogilvy & Mather SA)

There are 6 x 1-hour time slots throughout the day. Every time slot will feature 4 speakers in 4 rooms which means you have to pick 1 of the 4 to watch. Each speaker only speaks once which means you can only watch 6 of the 24 talks LIVE on the day. But all the talks are recorded and placed online after the event. Only people who attended the LIVE event will get access to the talks.

We would love to have you join us. We have an early bird special at the moment. Email for more info!